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Changing arthroscopy in a better way.

Welcome To Pakistan Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery Society (PASSS)

We aim to spread knowledge in education, research and patient care in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.



Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) forum has organised hands-on skills workshops on arthroscopic techniques and sports surgery all over Pakistan. To date, it has organised 24 workshops/ seminars and runs sessions during Orthocon annual conferences.


POA Arthroscopy forum started functioning in 2014, and the forum has come a long way with its hard work and dedication. Because of the achievements and experience, the members decided that the forum has now come of age to promote the forum as a National level society.


National and International society/ forums have collaborated with us and PASSS is on its way to join hands with more active associations.

Get Involved Now
Become Member

Join us as a member and work together to play your role in advancing and studying the science and practice of Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery.

Eligibility of Membership

Any person who possesses major postgraduate medical qualification in Orthopedics and Traumatology and is registered with the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), is eligible. Or person possessing foreign qualifications and approved by the General Body of PASSS.

Privileges Of Membership

The members will be able to participate in all the activities and management of the Society (local, provincial and central).

They will also be able to receive the Society’s publication and use the library and house of the Society when available.

Message from President

Dear PASSS members,

Greetings from the office of the president of PASSS!

It is my privilege and honour to write this message as the President of Pakistan Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery Society (PASSS). Initially, POA Arthroscopy Forum was established in 2014 with an aim to develop Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery in Pakistan. With the dedication and hard work of its faculty and members, it has established its credentials as a training and academic forum.

Now it is time for us to showcase the world by doing more research and publications thus getting more recognition. Therefore POA forum is now upgraded to Pakistan Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery Society (PASSS).

PASSS platform is for all orthopaedic doctors interested in Arthroscopy and Sports injuries to showcase their work and share knowledge with experts. We will continue to organize meetings, webinars and different conferences to spread the knowledge of Arthroscopy and Sports injuries.

Feel free to join us and give your valuable suggestions to help PASSS to reach greater heights.

Dr Khalid Mahmud Shah
President, PASSS

Our Mission

To promote the speciality of Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery. Bring together all professional workers interested in Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery and encourage goodwill and cooperation between them.

What We Do

We conduct two days of arthroscopy hands-on training workshops, four times a year, at different cities of Pakistan for young orthopaedic surgeons and postgraduate trainees.

Moreover, our faculty also trains and assists junior consultants in arthroscopic surgical techniques at their centres and conducts general awareness seminars.

Our Achievements

POA Arthroscopy Forum launched Pakistan Knee Arthroscopy Registry (PKAR) on 3rd December 2016 at the 31st Pak Orthocon 2016.

The distinguished guests and participants were explained the development of the registry and how to gauge the real-world practices, patient outcomes, safety and comparative effectiveness of the Arthroscopy cases conducted in Pakistan.


Stay up to date about the study and advancement in Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery practice in all possible ways.

Be the first to hear about our lectures, clinical meetings, conferences and exhibitions for the study and discussion of all the problems of Arthroscopy, Sports Surgery and Rehabilitation.